Shipping and return policies for Dreaml4nd

Shipping Info
Items to Finland and Europe will be shipped by priority mail. Items to other countries will be shipped by economy mail. Some shipping times are listed below (the times are working days, so you need to take weekends and holidays into account to calculate the actual shipping time). Here are some country examples of them:

Finland 1
Europe (most countries) 3-4
Sweden, Norway, Switzerland 2-3

Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) 5-6
Russia (other) 6-9

United States 10-15
Japan 8-10
Israel 10-15

India 12-17
Brazil 12-17
Indonesia 12-17

If you live outside Europe and want a faster shipping time it is possible by paying 4eur more for changing shipping to priority mail. In counries like United States, Japan and Israel it will reduce shipping time to about 4-7 days, and some countries to 6-8 days. If you are interested about this option please contact us.
Return Policy
In case of shipping damage the item will be replaced. No other return policy.